Thanksgiving is here, whether you like it or not. Thanksgiving is a relatively harmless holiday that is focused mainly on eating, seeing family, and shopping. For a lot of us, Thanksgiving involves traveling home to see family. This is touchy. Not for the first day or two, but after spending 48 hours with the same people, patience may run a little thin.

But fear not, readers. There are a few tricks that can help you survive the melee. Remember that it is only once a year, and you are going to have to see these same people at Christmas. Keep these tips in mind as Turkey Day approaches:

  • 1. Pack a Flask – Not to sound obtrusive, but a little loose juice will go a long way in keeping the peace. Especially for those families that don’t hit the sauce until 5:00. Keeping a personal stash will keep your bones warm and your attitude where it needs to be. Careful, though, don’t be too public about it, as Cousin Eddie may want a few too many pulls.
  • 2. Pepsid – As with any family holiday, eating is a MAJOR part of the visit. More than likely any sort of diet or portion control is getting thrown out the window. Take a magic white pill prior to hammering down at the dinner table to avoid any sort of indigestion or heartburn.
  • 3. Phone Charger – Yeah, you know, the one thing that you normally forget? DON’T forget your phone charger. This is important for a couple reasons: first, you’ll need some sort of online outlet while the parades are on. Second, you may need to talk (text) your other friends off the ledge. Worst-case scenario is running out of charge mid-afternoon.
  • 4. Get a Good Book – Yeah, this may be a stretch, but finding a quiet corner to enjoy some fiction isn’t the worst thing. It’s a nice break from the normal grind, and is a perfect excuse to excuse yourself when you need a break.
  • 5. Running Shoes – Another great option for when you need a break…lace ‘em up and go get a few miles in. You’ll get a first hand view of the old neighborhood, and do some good for your waistline. There’s no time like the present.

Lastly, for some extra credit, bring a good attitude. Repeating your story to every distant relative gets tedious, but this is your family. They love you, and not because they are legally obligated to do so. Be a hero while you are there…baste the turkey. Chop some firewood. Help with the dishes. They’ll remember it when they are shopping for your Christmas gifts on

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