How great is this time of year?  Every weekend there are gridiron battles in the greatest Southern towns.  Fanatical fans, hopeful alumni, pledges guarding seats adorn the football stadiums, and the play on the field will be discussion on sports talk radio and around the water cooler for the next few months. 


There’s nothing like seeing a live college football game.  TV coverage gets better and better, but it will never replace being there, and the impact to ALL the senses.  We’ve dug through the schedules, and come up with the perfect road trip that hits all the right towns for all the right games.  Gas up and let’s go:


September 3rd: Clemson vs. Auburn in Auburn, Alabama.  It could be argued that Auburn is the best SEC campus for tailgating.  With that said, start the road trip out right.  This should be a better game than most are giving credit.  Prediction: Clemson rolls 41-23.


September 10th:  NC State vs. East Carolina in Greenville, North Carolina.  DO NOT SLEEP on Greenville, NC, folks.  It is as good a college football environment as there is.  Not to mention there is plenty of good golf…and BBQ.


September 17th: Alabama vs. Ole Miss at Oxford, Mississippi.  The ‘Frat Bowl’.  Alabama will be #1 or #2 in the country, and Ole Miss will be fighting off sanctions.  It’ll be a great game on the field, but Bama pulls ahead in the 4th quarter and wins by 10. 


September 24th: Florida vs. Tennessee at Knoxville, Tennessee.  No football season road trip is complete without a trip to Knoxville.  Take a boat if you can…  The SEC East is going to be very fun to watch this year, and the winner of this game will get a quick upper hand.  The Gators steal one in Knoxville.


October 1st:  Georgia Tech vs. Miami in Miami, Florida.  This could end up being a great game.  Add that to a late fall beach trip where you could get out and do some fishing as well…take advantage!


October 8th:  Virginia Tech vs. North Carolina in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  This trip is as much about enjoying Chapel Hill as it is seeing a football game.  It’s a must-see on any southern road trip.


October 15th:  Missouri vs. Florida in Gainesville, Florida.  Even though the Gators are going to stomp Missouri, seeing a game in The Swamp is a memory worth making. 


October 22nd:  North Carolina vs. Virginia in Charlottesville, Virginia.  This is the highly educated bowl.  Immerse in the culture, and the beauty of Charlottesville.  You’ll put this one on your list every year.


October 29th:  Clemson vs. Florida State in Tallahassee, Florida.  This is the biggest ACC game of 2016.   Both teams should come into this game undefeated, and it will be a very high scoring affair.  Tallahassee will measure on the Richter scale.  Clemson wins by a touchdown.


November 5th:  Alabama vs. LSU in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  This is the biggest SEC game of 2016, and it’s in the loudest stadium in the Southeast.  The winner of this game has the inside track to represent the SEC West in Atlanta.  It’s impossible to predict this game.  Impossible.


November 12th:  Auburn vs. Georgia in Athens, Georgia.  How does heading to the greatest college football town in the south to see the South’s oldest rivalry sound?  The game is good, but it gives you a chance to stop in Onward Reserve’s first store.


November 19th:  Ole Miss vs. Vanderbilt in Nashville, Tennessee.  This one is for the trip to Nashville.  What a great town, and Vandy is positioned just right.   Ole Miss will bring a huge crowd, and downtown will be rocking.


November 26th: Auburn vs. Alabama in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  This has become the Mecca of college football.  With all of Saban’s success and all the championships, this place is what winning feels like in 2016.  Pay homage. 


December 3rd: The SEC Championship in Atlanta.  The city does an excellent job of hosting the most important conference championship in the country.  Not to mention that both of these teams may very well make it to the final four…


What did we miss?  Where are you heading this fall?