Before we talk about Super Bowl Sunday, let’s talk about the following Monday.  You will never experience a day where more people are late to work, closing the door all morning, or postponing meetings.  The Super Bowl is a huge event – one of the most watched TV events all year.  Not to mention that it takes about five hours to play (after all the commercials and pregame/halftime festivities).  All of this is the perfect prescription for having a few too many adult beverages and an extra helping of nachos.


Embrace it.  Think of the Super Bowl as the adult version of Halloween.  Instead of going door-to-door looking for the goods, host a Super Bowl party so you can control the environment.  Choosing to throw a Super Bowl party shouldn’t be taken lightly.  There are certain expectations that come with having your closest friends and their friends over to watch the big game.  Here’s how to do it right:


  1. TV.  If you have some type of tube television, you are not equipped to host this party.  Upgrade immediately.  If your TV remote is adorned with duct tape, upgrade immediately.  The Super Bowl is to be watched in HD on some sort of LED-type television that is 50+ inches.  All the electronics places will have great deals leading up to the game, so don’t skimp.
  2. Invitations.  Send out invitations and ask for RSVPs.  It’s tough to gauge how much food/seating/beverages to supply if you don’t know how many mouths you have to feed.
  3. Seating.  Be sure that everyone has a seat.  The pregame, the game, and the postgame will take hours upon hours, and your guests won’t take floor sitting lightly.  They are leaving the comfort of their own La-Z-Boy to watch it at your party, so be sure that the accommodations are fitting.
  4. Food.  Hors Devours are easy.  Chips, dip, peanuts, finger food, etc.  Stuff that you can put out that won’t go bad.  As for the main courses, this can be a bit tricky.  While general logic says to have ‘football’ type food – hot dogs, hamburgers, nachos, pizza, etc., don’t subscribe.  Instead, show your guests your culinary skills by smoking a bunch of meat – like a few beef briskets or a couple pork butts.  You don’t want to cook something that will require a bunch of work, because you’ll want to watch the game too. Try preparing some of our Smoked Georgia Red Hot Wings.  For sides, go with the theme…baked beans, cole slaw, good buns, etc.  If you don’t feel like cooking, then have your party catered.  You’d be surprised at how cost efficient catering your event can be, especially when you consider all the clean up you don’t have to do.  The choices are limitless here... it’s your party, so you make the call.
  5. Drinks.  First, make sure you have an ample supply of non-alcoholic beverages.  It is imperative that there are more options than beer or liquor.  If you are having a large party (more than a dozen folks), it’s a good idea to ask the guests to bring their beverage(s) of choice.  Otherwise you’ll spend a fortune…  Do provide plenty of fridge space, ice, and mixers.  If it’s just a few friends, then do your duty and supply the booze.  Get a couple cases of preferred beer and/or a couple bottles of the spirit of choice.  You know your friends, and it’s best to keep them happy.  If they are worth their salt, then they’ll bring the host a generous gift in return.
  6. Décor.  Go light.  Let the new TV be the centerpiece.


Beyond these principles, have a little fun.  Super Bowl Box Pool is a relatively inexpensive way to get everyone invested in the game.  Have a ‘No Jerseys’ policy. The Super Bowl only happens once a year, so celebrate enough to last you until the next one.