The Onward Reserve Store

The Onward Reserve Store


The founders of Five Mile Club officially launched as a retail complement to their flash sale site Based out of Athens, GA, the intent of is to be a lifestyle website where all the right brands are available in one place. Bi-monthly releases of the “Gazette” contain lifestyle articles easily related to – from city guides to ‘The Art of Day Drinking’.

Almost by accident, co-founder and CEO TJ Callaway stumbled upon an opportunity for a storefront on Clayton Street in downtown Athens. Within twelve hours, he had the lease. After working at breakneck speed, the store opened (softly) in less than a month – just in time for football season.

Located just around the corner from The Georgia Theatre, Onward Reserve has a very handsome street presence – rustic like a hunting lodge, with a polished demeanor. Very appropriate for the type of gentleman that lives the lifestyle. The décor is taxidermy-heavy, but each piece has a story – like the Sable in the front window or the crocodile hanging behind the Yeti coolers that are trophies from an African safari. The artwork is from local artist: a coke bottle from Atlanta’s Steve Penley, and numerous outdoor paintings from Tallahassee’s William Lamb. Stag deer antler chandeliers and a tin ceiling pull your eyes upward to show off the high ceilings and the depth of the space.

Onward Reserve feels like more than a store. Towards the back of the store is a full service bar where all patrons are offered something to drink. A flat screen TV and a leather couch are surrounded by Barbour jackets in the back – quite an inviting place for those needing to escape for a bit. The friendly staff is conversational, and presents a low-pressure experience. Quite simply, the inventory speaks for itself.

A storefront wasn’t in the immediate plans for the Onward Reserve guys; however, it has been like a winning lottery ticket. When you know the numbers, you pull the trigger.

Onward Reserve is located at 146 East Clayton Street in Athens, Georgia and on the web at  Feel free to call the store for directions or to place over the phone orders - (706) 543 - 0106...we're always here to help!

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