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About Us

July 14, 2017 2 min read



In November 1902, President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt was invited to Onward, Mississippi for a bear hunt. After days without success, the hunting party was growing frustrated. Without the President’s knowledge, a trapper was hired to capture and deliver a bear for the President to kill before his return to Washington. Roosevelt, a proud hunter and naturalist, heard how the bear had come to be in his sights and demanded it be set free. The story made national news that day and it was not long before a toy maker in New York was granted permission to manufacture a plush bear toy named after President Roosevelt. The “Teddy Bear” was born and with it the most famous and impactful hunting story in history. That story even made an impact on me when I heard it over one hundred years later while hunting on the same property. Who didn’t have a Teddy Bear when they were young?

The Onward Reserve brand was conceived during that same hunting trip with friends to the heart of the Mississippi Delta and so I felt it only fitting that our brand share a name with the famous tale. Onward Reserve is my vision for an authentically southern brand. A brand that is laid back but unwavering in quality. In harmony with the original vision for Onward Reserve, I design each season’s collection and carefully select our collection of other brands with the Onward Reserve lifestyle in mind.

You will quickly realize that we have built a perfect collection of goods to fit your lifestyle. No frills, no BS, just a passionate focus on quality in an updated conservative style. We hope that you enjoy Onward Reserve as much as we enjoyed creating it.

TJ Callaway
Founder + CEO

P.S. If you are ever in the area you should check out the Onward Store. It’s a general store and gas station along Highway 61 near Rolling Fork. They have the best hamburgers in the Mississippi Delta.

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