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The Home Bartender Gift Bundle

We all have have friends and loved ones who have transformed their home bar set up into a five star cocktail shop! We all also have friends who desperately need help in the at home bar department! Either way, this bundle of cocktail centered items are perfect for anyone looking to up their bar game! The Home Bartender Gift Bundle contains The Home Bar book and a set of our best selling Transfusion Cups. 

About the Book: The Home Bar traces the cultural history of social drinking and bar design, and how this translates into highly desirable and stylish bars in a home setting. You will find advice on everything from the best bar surface to how to make and store ice, from cocktail shakers to stools, from stirrers to selecting the best glassware.

About the Transfusion Cups: Onward Reserve CEO and Founder, TJ Callaway, is often seen enjoying a transfusion cocktail so it felt only right that we make a custom cup for them! With the perfect portion markers, this cup is guaranteed to help you make the perfect Transfusion cocktail! 

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