OR X Dylan Marlowe

Introducing the Onward Reserve collaboration with Dylan Marlowe. This collection is curated with hats and boxers in olive, stone, tan, and camo patterns.

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Q&A With Dylan Marlowe

Where do you think your love for music came from, and at what age did you begin playing? 

My love for music came from the songwriting aspect of things, growing up listening to Eric Church and Keith Whitley and stuff like that. I didn’t really get into music until my Senior year of high school. I learned to play the guitar, and I believe I heard “Where She Told Me to Go” by Eric Church and that was the song that was like, “man, if I could write songs half as good as that then I would be happy.”


Your hometown of Statesboro means a lot to you. What are some of your favorite memories? Some that have inspired songs? 

I definitely have a lot of love for where I’m from. It has kind of shaped who I am. A lot of my songs come from memories that I have from growing up there. The songs that I write and try to put out are for those people I grew up with that bust their ass everyday in blue collar jobs. That is who I write most of my songs for and all the things that I did back home are what shape that for me.

What is your favorite place to hunt? Dream place to hunt?

My favorite place to hunt is definitely Montana or Wyoming. It is just so peaceful and there is so much country. It’s like a break from the real world. Life is so slow up there, so everytime I get to hunt up that way I love to do it.

My dream place to hunt is probably Africa. That would be a pretty cool experience. I’m not looking to shoot a zebra or anything, but maybe a kudu or something super exotic that Nat (my wife) wouldn’t let me hang on the wall.

If you could play with any artist (alive or dead), who would it be? 

If I could play with any artist alive or dead, I would definitely want to be on a bill with Keith Whitley. I would hope to play a 20 minute set and hope that he would play a 90 minute set so that I could grab a bourbon and Sprite and listen to him play for 90 minutes. That would be a dream come true.