Our Story


Our Brand

At Onward Reserve, our motto is “Live authentically”. Everything we do here is influenced by the authentic stories and memories that we learn or make along the way. Every story we tell, piece of clothing we produce, and every store we create, is inspired by these moments.

We are influenced by the authentic lifestyle: a lifestyle of making memories with your best friends and family in the places you love. Whether it’s that extra nine on the golf course, the early morning chasing a covey in the field, an afternoon on the lake, or meeting friends for drinks after a long day at work, these are the moments that inspire the Onward Reserve Lifestyle.

Our Logo and Name

The Origin of the Onward Reserve Brand began during one of these authentic memories. While on a hunting trip to Onward, Mississippi, I was told the story of Theodore Roosevelt hunting on the same property:

“In November 1902, President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt was invited to Onward, Mississippi for a bear hunt. After days without success, the hunting party was growing frustrated. Without the President’s knowledge, a trapper was hired to capture and deliver a bear for the President to kill before his return to Washington. Roosevelt, a proud hunter and naturalist, heard how the bear had come to be in his sights and demanded it be set free. The story made national news that day and it was not long before a toy maker in New York was granted permission to manufacture a plush bear toy named after President Roosevelt. The “Teddy Bear” was born and with it the most famous and impactful hunting story in history."

This story made an impact on me when I heard it over one hundred years later. Teddy Roosevelt was onto something that day. He refused to accept anything less than an authentic experience.

The Onward Reserve brand was conceived during that same hunting trip with friends in the heart of the Mississippi Delta and so I felt it only fitting that our brand share a name with the famous tale. Onward Reserve is my vision for an authentical brand. A brand that is laid back but unwavering in quality. In harmony with the original vision for Onward Reserve, I design each season’s collection and carefully select our collection of other brands with the Onward Reserve lifestyle in mind.

TJ Callaway
Founder + CEO