Warehouse Specialist

Atlanta, GA

Reports to: Warehouse Manager


The Warehouse Specialist will be responsible for supporting Onward Reserve’s distribution processes for all sales channels. Fulfillment, receiving and stocking product, resolving and mitigating order issues, supporting the returns process are all key components to the position. The daily workflow will vary day to day depending on current business needs. Flexibility to pivot priorities at the direction of the warehouse manager to support priorities is critical. Onward Reserve is a growing company with a fast paced, team-oriented environment. A key function of this role will be communication and partnership cross functionally to keep the team updated on receiving timelines for seasonal, collegiate, core, custom, and third-party product deliveries. As our distribution continues to grow, continued innovation on processes and methods of enhancing efficiencies in processes is a focus to ensure our team continues to evolve and prepare for future growth.

Key Responsibilities

  • Pick, pack and ship order needs along with the other distribution team members to keep order flow consistent and with a quick turnaround.
  • Support daily receiving needs for checking the shipment and put away.
  • Communicate to the team timing of systemic receipts once product has arrived and any anticipation of delays or issues.
  • Process returns and resolve order issues.
  • Cycle count inventory to maintain inventory accuracy and reduce order issues.
  • Should any quality issues arise during the receiving process, document the problem with example images (where applicable) and the style/color/sizes impacted to the appropriate teams for design, production, and inventory.
  • Support restock needs from overflow backstock in our containers or other Bennett Street locations.
  • Perform other related duties and assignments as required.

To Apply

Please email your resume and any other relevant details to careers@onwardreserve.com.